Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long awaited Korean B.B.Q.!

This dinner took months to plan! It was either postponed or cancelled, but finally, we made it in the end! We really wanted to do Korean B.B.Q. during our summer break and I heard that Tong 86 is one of the best in Perth!

We were lucky; it was a cold (yes, cold) summer night. Perfect weather for B.B.Q.! With 2/3 of us not red meat eaters, we ordered the mushroom set, seafood jeon and my favourite kimchi jeon! My other friend ordered a set of pork belly and steak.

*sizzling goodness*

Kimchi jeon vs. Seafood jeon!

What did I think of the meal?

I wish they had something else other than beef or pork but the barbequed enoki mushrooms were delicious! And kimchi jeon beats seafood jeon hands down. Maybe next time we will order shoju to complement our meals!

Notes: The only problem with this place is that you will get that smokiness in your hair. Just a warning, make sure you wash your hair after the meal!

Tong 86

86 Beaufort Street
Perth, WA 6000

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