Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mamak Wannabe

What I miss about Malaysia is the ‘mamak’ food. ‘Mamak’ cuisine, which is influenced by the Indian Muslim culture, has proven to be quite popular amongst Malaysians. The food and beverages are usually cheap and the wide variety means that you can order a few different types of dishes and share amongst yourselves. This was why I was super excited when I heard that Spice Express served mamak-ish dishes.
Indian Rojak as an appetiser. 

*mmm* look at that delicious, rich sauce.

A very sad looking chicken briyani. It tasted alright, but there is better briyani out there.

I love 'dosa' (or 'thosai' as they call it in Malaysia). A tad disappointed with this, though. It might be because I'm a bit too fussy with dosas - I grew up eating home made ones.

A very sweet 'mee Siam' on the left; a not-so-tasty bowl of 'soto ayam' on the right.

Traditional 'nasi lemak'! Very sad looking, though. It tasted alright. Wished that there was more 'sambal' and a fried egg instead of that miserable piece of omelette!

Chicken wings and 'vadai'! Deep fried deliciousness.

So, my verdict? Hmm, it was ok, but I honestly doubt if my family and I will return for another meal. The 'rojak' and the 'vadai' were probably the highlights of our lunch that day. Other than that, I have had better 'mamak' food elsewhere in Australia.

Spice Express
41 Hulme Court
Myaree WA 6154

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