Monday, August 13, 2012

Late night musings...

My final semester commenced recently and even though night classes are great for those of us who work during office hours, I am often famished by 9pm each week! This is why I am so grateful that there is a Fast Eddys outlet near campus.

For me, Fast Eddys feels like an Australian version of a 24-7 American diner. You can order whatever you like anytime of the day! The categories 'breakfast', 'lunch' or 'dinner' do not apply here. And I note that they serve sundaes too!

I've made two trips within the last month (after much deliberation each time but hunger won) and have been regretting over the amount of calories I consumed. They were good trips each time, though. Anything to cure the late night hunger pangs.

Chai latte! Yes, I drink this stuff...

 Nachos (I apologise for the not so terrific photo). It needs more salsa!

 'Lord of the Rings' apparently. Seriously disappointed. There was nothing lordly about these squid rings. >.<

 Iced Chocolate (with ice cream!) during my second trip. Oh sugar overload.

Now, this was yummy. Squid and salad. Ok, the menu said 'Asian salad' but I reckon there was nothing Asian about the salad. It was still just salad. 

The food isn't that brilliant, at least not for its price. As Perth does not have that many late night places, let alone 24-7 restaurants, I was still excited about Fast Eddys. However, during my second visit, we were told that it was not longer 24 hours. What a disappointment! Now, where am I to go for supper after class for the rest of my semester? *sigh* 

Shop 103R
Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre
1382 Albany Highway
Cannington WA 3107

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