Thursday, January 10, 2013

Astonish Patisserie

Happy 2013!

Can we quietly ignore the fact that the blog has been in hiatus for a month or so? 

I stepped into Astonish for the very first time- and had to wait for the rest of the dessert clique to appear. This led to me entertaining myself taking photos of the empty place (well it was fairly early for desserts). And oh, I remember constructing my miniature piano out of nano blocks to kill more time too! Okay, I shall not go off topic now and focus more on Astonish. It was opened by two Le Cordon Bleu students, thus had high expectations of their desserts.


The interior of Astonish Patisserie. 
We love how each area had its personal ambience to it. We were also intrigued by the book stand and discovered the books were all glued together. 

 De-constructed chocolate cake topped with raspberry coulis, chocolate mousse and macaron on the side. 
The chocolate cake definitely needed the coulis to moisten the cake up. 

Chocolate tart (70% cocoa if I'm not mistaken) with hazelnut parfait
First few bites of the tart was lovely, then it gets a little too much for an individual. Two of my mates ordered the same plate and could not finish it.

Among other items we ordered from the menu, we were not impressed with the creme brulee which tasted very much like curry. It just did not feel or taste right... a curry inspired dessert. Can I now conclude we were not overly impressed after all?

note: These photos were not from a recent visit to Astonish.

393 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000
08 8123 4646

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