Sunday, March 25, 2012

After work drinks and more!

My favourite chill out place! I love it sooo much, I have been there 3 times last week. To note, the photos are a compilation of two separate occassions.

Jugs of Grace Sangria are $15 on Friday Happy Hours (5pm-7pm) as well as on Sundays all day. =) *Woohoo* The Wagyu cheese burgers were really good too. Miniature but yum~~

They were so good, we had to get more! It makes perfect sense. This time, we ordered yummy fries too.

On another occasion, a friend ordered the fried chicken. She appearred to truly enjoy it, but here's my review on the chicken during my first visit.

I had the soft fish tacos. They tasted alright, however I found it all too messy. I wasn't able to eat the tacos without having the black beans and all the other bits falling off.  

Grace The Establishment
127 The Parade
Norwood SA 5067

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