Thursday, March 15, 2012

Travelogue Adelaide Day 4: Time to say goodbye with Dim Sum

So this travelogue began with a luncheon when I first landed in Adelaide. Just a few hours before my flight back to WA, we lugged my luggage to the city just to have one last food experience together. And what is better than a traditional yum cha session?

There’s such a variety here at T-Chow; there’s even quite a number of options for someone like me! Mmm…I really loved the food here. It was really tasty.

Too cute to eat! Chicken and mushroom dumplings (I think).

The not-so-pretty prawn and mushroom dumplings. It tasted alright but I think we could have done without it.

Delicious deep-fried squid - packed with 'heaty' goodness.

‘Zhar leong’ (rice flour noodles wrapped around chinese fried dough)! Oh, how I miss this.

The ever so filling seafood noodles. It was so good. This was the only thing we could not finish.

‘Dan tart’; my first love. YUM!

This was really one of the best dim sums that I've had. It’s a shame I could not take the leftover noodles back to WA. I miss it already. This place is definitely on my list for my next visit to Adelaide! *very very subtle hints to Mich*

City Centre
68 Moonta Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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