Monday, March 5, 2012

Travelogue Adelaide Day 1: Let’s improvise!

It was my first day in Adelaide (in 2012 that is) and we rocked up at our initial planned restaurant, starving, only to find it closed! Luckily, we had Plan B. Always have a Plan B.

We ended up at Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant. We were craving Mexican ever since missing out on my last trip to Adelaide. And we did well.

Special Nachos: Tortilla chips with cheese, jalepeno peppers, guacamole, tomato con chilli and sour cream. *hearts* You got to have nachos if you are having Mexican. It was a bit dry though; would have preferred it with a bit more sauce.

Fajitas: Beef and chicken on a sizzling hot plate accompanied by tortillas, salsa, guacamole, frijoles, sour cream and cheese. DIY wraps and catching up with the bestie. Fun times! =)

Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant
42 Melbourne Street
North Adelaide SA 5006

Zapata's Mexican on Urbanspoon

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